Our services

Whether its to locate the current address of a former tenant that owes you sums or to serve a formal notice for legal proceedings, Diligence uses several effective tools allowing us to locate an individual (for example: by having access to titled deeds).

Have you obtained a favorable verdict in a civil claim?  

Whether it’s within Quebec’s Housing Authority, small claims court or another instance, we can help you by either taking charge of your claim or carrying out the necessary verifications to help guide your next steps with the execution of your court rendered decision.

Pre-rental verifications are without a doubt an essential step prior to signing a lease with a future tenant. Depending on the chosen service, it will allow you to confirm the tenant’s identity, their current state of solvency, know any previous judgments rendered against them within Quebec’s Housing Authority as well as ascertain if they have any priors within Quebec’s criminal docket.

The opening of a commercial account is offered to companies with the objective of assessing the potential risk of opening an account, determining the terms of payment and whether to grant a credit limit or not. Several service packages are available, which may include one or more of the following information: 

  • Details pertaining to the establishment of the company as well as its shareholders and administrators
  • Banking references
  • References from existing suppliers
  • Civil claims
  • RDPRM.

Diligence is able to offer you a wide range of pre-employment verifications, depending on the position that needs to be filled. Among other services, credit checks, references from former employers, verification of the status of a member from a professional order, validation of a driver’s license or any other needs specific to your sector of activity.